GI Endoscopy Lesion Detection

GI Endoscopy

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DS - Endoscopy Process

How Our DS - Endoscopy AI Model Works ?
Our DS - Endoscopy AI Model is trained for a specific function such as to recognize or characterize defined lesions, colon polyps for instance. Our model is trained using the Deep Learning algorithms through exposure on numerous training elements such as a large number of predefined polyp-containing video frames for instance. Our DL algorithms will extract and analyze specific features like micro-surface topological pattern, color differences, micro-vascular pattern, pit pattern, appearance under filtered light such as narrow band imaging , high-magnification, endocystoscopy appearance, and many other features from these video-frames allowing automated detection or diagnosis-prediction of lesions of interest.

We use State Of The Art Deep Learning algorithms which is trained on thousands of GI endoscopy data against multiple diseases and can accurately classify the lesion along with triaging the infected area. See DeepScopy AI model in action

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