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Artificial Intelligence
Opening a new era of rapid diagnostics with Cloud AI, specialized in Medical Imaging for better patient care
Deep Scopy

AI as a Service

Here at Deepscopy, we are on a quest to revolutionize the field of medical diagnostics using Artificial Intelligence. All our AI products are built for healthcare to facilitate patient care and better decision support.

All our algorithms are built using state of the art deep learning models, probabilistic graphical models that are trained on millions of medical data and provide qualitative reports for referring physicians to make a better diagnosis.
With exceptional accuracy, instant triaging, and seamless integration, our AI algorithms can identify the abnormality within seconds.

All our deepscopy services are 100% cloud-native and available for your assistance anywhere, anytime.
Our goal is to empower humanity with AI and make it affordable and accessible.

With an active internet connection, unleash the full capabilities of the cloud for all your imaging requirements to be processed 24/7. Brings you computation power whenever you need it, our graphics processing unit (GPU) connected platform provides faster & better results with accuracy.

Our Deepscopy Goals

Our Deep Scopy Goals

Our Deepscopy Process

Our Deep Scopy Process

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